About this site

CTO Recipes provides concise, actionable advice for technical managers who want to be leaders and make an impact in their organizations. It takes far more than excellent functional skills in software engineering, design, or product management to be a great leader.

How you approach your work and other people can dramatically affect your ability to drive initiatives and produce results.

How you carry yourself daily against the grind of work and setbacks can be the difference in sustained high performance over time.

These topics, such as soft skills and your leadership mindset, are covered here in recipe-style content you can apply to your role immediately.

The content here represents knowledge I've learned as a CTO. You don't need to come from a software engineering background to benefit. Anyone currently or aspiring to be in a technical management role across software engineering, design, or product will find something useful here.

About me

I have ten years of experience as a Chief Technology Officer in three different roles in North America, Europe, and Australia. I've filled the CTO role in companies in various stages of their lifecycle, from early startups to scaleups.

Working in these locations and cultures has given me the broad perspective and confidence to share the message that what you know isn't enough—your ability to articulate and share what you know to others to inspire action consistently is the difference-maker. I've created this site to share ways you can do that.

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